Monday, October 20, 2008

iOS apps rant, helping a friend do renovations

Apparently you're not supposed to sit on your iPhone for long periods of time because if you do the Home button stops working. Thankfully, you can kind of squeeze it back into shape.

Just a few random thoughts before I get to today's lunch at the Wellington. Uhm, I'm going to look into what it takes to develop apps for the iPhone because I hate HATE the thought of paying for these garbage apps that you can't even try before buying. Plus, I am of the "software should be free" mindset. However, it looks like I need to first get OS X before I can use the SDK, but Leopard isn't free? I suppose $130 is not much. AND I will (hopefully) have a new system up and running, a shiny, "luxurious" (as the Canada Computers tech described it) system with all the latest dongles and cards and cogs. In time for the pre-Christmas load of new releases.

Saturday I helped a friend smash up the main floor of his house, dust and debris and plaster, dressed up in my funny flight suit, sweaty work.

Saturday night I learned that my Korean tutor is going back to Korea! Poor guy, he's had a hard time making life work here. I was also a little dismayed to hear of all the discrimination he faced. Discouraging!

Oh wait, I need a PowerPC to run OSX? Blurgh. This entry was written under the influence of coffee.

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