Sunday, July 05, 2009

house hunting begins, readying for camp

I got myself a realtor, yup. Looking at some properties, lofts and townhouses (Copy and paste the links and add a zero, "0", to make it work. They expire at the end of this week). I guess there's a medley of good and bad stuff out there, hope to get a closer glimpse of some this week before going to camp. I got pre-approved for a, in my opinion, redonkulous amount of money, which does broaden my options somewhat. Not that I'll use the full pre-approval amount, it being stretched to the absolute limit of what I can afford. Although already I find myself thinking about money, something I've wanted to avoid doing ever since finishing university, a time where I was constantly worried about having enough. It's just a big pain! And just the THOUGHT of having a mortgage has such an effect on me, yeesh. Tipping less, buying less, scrutinizing bills. Make it stop!

I was at camp this weekend, getting ready for my time there next week. I hear all these stories of how amazing the experience is but I'm so worried about keeping my end up and being prepared as a counsellor. The facility they have is excellent, it's like a resort for children. I have to admit, it does feel rather good to be a part of it, almost as if I wasn't really, like it still hasn't sunk in. I'm trying not to get excited but do hope the weather stays good. Oh right, and I need to find/make an alien costume. Hmmmmm....

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