Monday, August 03, 2009

minor career deviation

A busy week it was. Firstly, big news from work -- they're outsourcing my job! But.... they are also "promoting" me into development. The quotes are there because no-one's mentioned anything regarding a pay raise. I might be getting one, I might not. A lot more work, a lot more responsibility. However it is yet to be seen. Moving from customer support to development is a major transition and I'm not sure I quite know how I feel about it. On the one hand I'll get a chance to fix all those bugs and issues I'm always having to log. On the other: meetings, schedules, and projects, oh my! Also, my days of getting into work at 10 are pretty much over.

Tuesday was karate, not much to say there. Wednesday I saw Up and really enjoyed it. I've only seen a handful of Pixar films and they have all been rather excellent and Up continues that trend. I found it spoke especially to me, an old man in my own mind.

Thursday was a social with some of the Session 1 Ooch counsellors, followed by drinks with old co-workers and friends until late. Friday I took it easy so that I could get some chores and laundry done, Saturday was a dental appointment, more karate, drinks at Hemingway's, and more drinks at Charlotte Room, followed up with Swatow.

Oh, I have been keeping an eye on condos/lofts/townhouses but with this rather thin market the pickings are rather meagre and ofttimes unattractive. I am patient and believe that a match will come along. It's a strange business, this waiting game. I have certainly gotten a much better idea of what's moving out there.

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