Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back from visiting cousins in New York City

Wall Street
I didn't bring my hat, which perhaps is just as well: the weather in New York was cloudy and wet. Drinking at night, sleeping in the morning, walking around the city during the day, resting in front of the TV and getting ready for the next night. Throughout it all I got to know my cousins a lot better, we not having much contact for the past, oh, 17 years? That's really the thing I take away from this trip.

Oh, sure, I took some pictures. There are a bunch of that High Line walkway, a section of raised train tracks converted into a park around a mile and a half long. It reminded me of that Ray Bradbury story, the one where the man travels back in time to shoot dinosaurs and accidentally steps on a butterfly, changing the course of history. Anyway, it was nice to see the park before it is inevitably ruined for everyone.

I have, somewhat against my will or inclination, been playing Civ3 again.

I had decided to not drink for the rest of September, but I have already rashly broken this promise to myself once and will probably do so again this Saturday.
High Line theater

The Polish Festival was this weekend! I went alone, forgetting to ask anyone if they wanted to pig-out with me. So I ate a lot of street food alone; ribs, pierogies, corn-on-the-cob, candy apples, smoothies, churros. And on Sunday I had my first anchovy pizza. Salty, oily, salty; I could barely finish a slice. I did however find myself craving it later that day, so maybe this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Last thing to mention: I saw Youth in Revolt at the Winter Garden theatre, a somewhat magical place to sit. The film was excellent, likely to straddle that line of indie-golden-child and mainstream success.

This blog/webjo entry brought to you by an unlikely force.

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