Thursday, December 24, 2009

a hazy shade of winter wonderland

meditated for 15 minutes, involuntarily opening my eyes. Not today, the other evening.

if a task I need to do occurs to me, I need to write it down or else it will haunt me (through remembering it) later.

wow I am really bad with updates, for which I apologize. I'm just.. too boring and busy to talk about anything. I saw Fantastic Mr Fox, that was primo. I don't have any stories to share, other than I recently realized that I am horribly, disfiguratively broke. Work is totally kicking my ass. So yeah, job and money stress await me in 2010. Been online dating, which I guess means I'm out there and meeting people, sometimes face to face! I bought Agricola and have yet to play it, although Settlers has been getting some action.

I am taking today off, so I'm typing in my pajamas, a bit of free time before I have to get ready and get out there. The weather is a cool -6C, but it'll get up to zero later. Christmas and Boxing day are supposed to be 4 and 3 degrees, which is rather nutty.

Oh yes, some friends and I worked on a clinical survey website, which you're welcome to try. The questions are there but the layout isn't 100% finished so don't bother pointing out if the images don't line up in your browser or some such; we're working on it. The link: Am I Gay?

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