Friday, October 15, 2010

vote pie to the face

Oh what? Rocco Rossi has pulled out of the Toronto mayoral race? How is that whenever I start warming up to a candidate they pull out and give their support to Smitherman? Is the fear of a Rob Ford-Toronto that strong? Well maybe. The scary part of course is that Ford has even gotten this far. Or am I misguided in thinking this? Apparently a disturbing number of Toronto voters think so. I just can't tell what's reasonable anymore, that's how messed up, how incognizant the voting situation.

So, I guess I'm now aiming to vote for Smitherman for Mayor and Pam McConnell for my ward, Ward 28. Unless of course you want to talk me out of it. But I'm not sure that I want to vote for Pantalone? Would he be better? Damnit why are all the candidates such losers? Argh!

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