Thursday, May 19, 2011

Green belt, feeling alright

Well hello there. Shall I tell you how I've been? Better, better. The weather, as always, helps, and though it is wet it is also warm, a richness of life. Got my green belt, yay. An exhausting test, and one can see me growing older and more haggard in each photo as I find my second, third and umpteenth wind. A good day, and nice to have some familiar faces show up. It looks like I may keep up with my karate this year, who knows.

Work, well, work is work, getting stuff done but hardly feel like talking about any of it. Did you know that I've been there for nearly SIX years? Boggles the mind, it does. No real news, in any case.

Eating well, to be sure. I've been living at my condo for over a year and have only visited the St. Lawrence Market a handful of times. What a world of food I've been missing! This could be my new weekly thing. Breads, vegetables, cheeses, meats... joy!

Oh hey we had that federal election, didn't we? And what rot it was! Egads I get sick just thinking about Rob Ford here and Stephen Harper there... Fort York pedestrian bridge... grumble.... on the plus side, Toronto Bixi is up and running! I do hope it gets fully and completely embraced, that would be ever so grand. I shall sing its praises until then.

Anyway, by all means you may consider my mood improved. For now.

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