Friday, November 18, 2011

a (new) beginning is a very delicate time

Yiss, yiss, it is I, Hwan. In a new form, newly formed. I've decided to do away with my personal server and host on Things are such that it seems silly to build and maintain everything myself; it was fun for a while, but it's painfully obvious that I simply have neither the time nor inclination to keep it up. So, here we are. And here I hope to update far more frequently. I've begun to feel that my passage through this world will leave no mark, no legacy, other than perhaps this journal, this written account of my take on things, this tiny bubble in a much larger sea.

But.. there is still a little marrow left in this bone I've been given. In any case, I'll now recount some of the things I've done since I last wrote, way back on October 9th.

I spent much of October watching Peep Show in its entirety, 7 seasons of hilarious British comedy. It was a feat made easy due to its availability on YouTube and a digestible 20 minute playtime. Think Seinfeld mixed with The Odd Couple, with a geek for Jerry and a hipster doofus for Kramer. I laughed and paused, laughed and paused, it's that good.

Did I mention that Loopy and I have begun a podcast? It's true: The Dave and Hwan Show has so far recorded eight episodes, each slightly more delicious than the last. They're a joy to make, though one does need to be able to stomach the ramblings of two drunk, somewhat antagonistic friends. There isn't much of a theme or point, I suppose, other than it's something to do and create.

I saw The Thing (2011), the prequel to the 1983 John Carpenter version. It was.. ok. I don't recommend it, but it wasn't awful either. It's kind of hard to rate because it's so similar to the original. I mean it's possible that people who see this prequel might get the same out of it as I did with the original, which was a blast. So, if you have no idea what The Thing is and are up for a horror film, this might fit the bill? O.K., a grudging recommendation, under extenuating circumstances.

Occupy Toronto, before the Bay Street march
Oh yeah, I visited (and marched with) the Occupy Toronto group, over in St. James park, which is just down the street from me. So I guess I protested in convenience, no tent necessary. Certainly I support them in a general sense, but they're a rather varied group and there are parts that detract. Overall I wish them all the best, I really do.

On the 22nd I went with some friends to the Toronto Underground Market, where one can sample food from selected cooks, on the cheap, generally $5 portions. There were a lot of people in line for fish tacos. It's hard to recall what my favourite was; probably the pasta balls, whose name escapes me now. It was nice to try once, but the crowds detract from the experience -- rarely am I in the mood to line up to eat.

I went to a Ugly Sweater Singles Party! It was lots of fun -- everyone knew the score and so was sociable and approachable. I would definitely go again, if the occasion arises. They had an icebreaker game based on Bingo, making it crazy easy to talk to people, even for shy fellows like me. I still glow from the experience.

Ok, that's enough for today. November to follow!

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