Monday, October 29, 2012

Trying to write something

I just can't bring myself to write much any more. It's like every voice in my head, all the ideas, each iota of thought, is stuck, unable to leave its well-worn rut. What is left, then, of the person known as Hwan? Is he there, or just a robot on repeat?

Crawford Lake in autumn
My days are what you might suppose: Work is where I can be a zombie, the cats are both a hassle and a joy, and Mary Jean keeps me afloat. I haven't gone to karate in ages, I've been playing various games to pass the time. October is nearly over and though I consume more and read more, it seems very little actually sticks.

Oh, well, I DID go hiking with some friends a couple weeks back, about an hour's drive west of the city. We also took part in a Native American dance, which was fun, in its way.

I suppose I can mention that I've started watching Community, due to the high acclaim from many friends. It took me a few shows to really dig in, and by the seventh episode (the Hallowe'en "Day of the Dead" party one) I began to see its merit. But I hate Senor Chang, both the actor and the character. His entire schtick is based on being rude and unreasonable and I find it lacks drawing power, that it's just too far over the top.

Makes me miss Party Down.

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