Monday, October 21, 2013

lazy Sunday

Today I put a couple hours into Ziggurat, the board game my friend and I came up with earlier this year. But mostly I played GTA V and slept, not getting much in the name of chores done. Indeed this entire weekend has revolved around playing video games and procrastinating. I did get to hang out with a couple friends, so that's something.

Went to Malabar Saturday, a madhouse of people hunting for costumes. Not for me though, nay, I think I've had quite enough of putting effort into Hallowe'en. I suppose that's a decision made for me by the company I keep, which in turn is shaped by my age.

So yeah, GTA V. I bought a used PS3 off of Dave, and played (and finished) The Last Of Us, a survival-horror game. I quite enjoyed it, impressed by the story, graphics, voice acting, atmosphere, maps: One of the best games I've had the pleasure of playing, and certainly it set my console gaming bar quite high. Without a doubt GTA V is up there, with a dauntingly large world to muck about in; mindbogglingly detailed, with a wide assortment of vehicles, characters and activities to give a fairly immersive experience. I just recently unlocked the third character, a psychopathic individual with whom playing I find slightly upsetting, even for a game mostly about killing and stealing and getting away with it.

Fall has finally cast her gaze upon us, with rain in the forecast for the coming week. Myself I find I nurse a sneeze and runny nose, irritating me regularly throughout the day. Lack of sleep? Allergies? Being alive is wonderful and all but these little things do take away from the experience!

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