Tuesday, April 21, 2009

it's like having a manga in your mouth

Monday I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and my sleep hasn't been quite the same since. Well, nearly the same in that I haven't gotten to work early for quite a while. I do enjoy getting there early (a rare happenstance), before anyone else, my tasks rolling and everything in the zone. Ah, to sleep on time. An alarm to go to bed! Someday I may actually do it.

Played a few ICCup games of StarCraft, did alright. My game has improved considerably, but I still need to practice my technical skills and micro. I've chosen Zerg as my race but the constant expanding and building is such a hassle, albeit a necessary one. It's seems obvious why so many players choose Protoss, with their simple, powerful units. Unfortunately I've only one friend at my level, but that's enough for us to both continue growing, building off the skills of the other.

I've also been reading the Battle Angel Alita manga. Addictive and thankfully not that long. I like that it deals with identity and what that means for the robotic kind. It's set in an incredibly violent world, one where losing one's body does not necessarily mean death. I only vaguely remember the movie, which, now that I think of it, compressed a lot into, ah... 54 minutes (Gunnm)! Perhaps I'll watch it again, purely to be amused by how much they watered down the plot. Right now I'm taking my time reading the manga, with its many lessons and insights. It doesn't tug at my heart like Lone Wolf and Cub did, but it does have its moments and, unlike Wolf, has one of those plots that eggs you to keep reading.

Oh hey I was at Velvet Underground this past Saturday. Gosh that place has hardly changed; same decor, same crowd. There was a band playing, clad in over the top Rock Band garb, their name as ridiculous as their hair. I rather wonder why I keep going back there.

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