Monday, June 22, 2009

Grandmother passed away

I don't have much to say about my grandmother. My memories are fairly fragmented, can't really picture her that well. I know that she used to carry me around a lot, wrapped tightly to her back. I remember her curly hair and her fondness for sweets. She never really had a good grip of English and I can't recall ever having a real conversation with her. We buried her Saturday morning, a grey overcast day with a light rain. I hadn't expected to cry but I did, when I heard my aunt praying for her through her sobs. It was nice to see all the family together, a rare occasion by any measure.

I went and bought that Plants Vs Zombies game and it was a fun 10 hours or so. I enjoyed the demo and the full game did not disappoint. I guess it falls into that tower-defence genre of games, where you place units to prevent the enemy from reaching its goal. I pretty much like every aspect of the game except the clicking part --- there's so much of it! What is up with casual games that require such intense mouse-work? I guess the good thing about that is that it prevented me from playing for hours on end (though I wanted to) because of all the clicking. Actually, that's not entirely true (the preventing part, as well as the frequency of clicking), but it does get tiresome.

I was thinking, you know, the internet has really opened up to allowing strangers to write their thoughts alongside the author's. And this, for the most part, sucks. Not only because strangers who suddenly find themselves invisible become assholes but also because everyone wants to correct people. Or provide an opinion. Or agree. What is this compulsion to want to add to the discussion or give kudos? Is this some kind of deep instinct that helps verify that we are alive, or maybe it satisfies some social trigger when faced with another person's thoughts? I suspect that this same behavior is also tied to the sharing of links and photos, a desire to spread an experience to others. An evolutionary trait we have to share things we feel are worth remembering or seeing, like how primitive people would recognize foods that would make you get sick. Is this built-in, or have we learned it?

Not that I'm asking people to comment less, if that were even possible.

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