Thursday, June 04, 2009

working on the bike, thinking about bicycling

Blargh, i guess the reach of my laziness know no bounds. Since my last post I attended Toronto The Good and finished my bicycle maintenance course. Am reading up on condos, haven't actually looked at anything yet. Did some volunteer training for ooch, my stint is coming up in July. Hmm yeah, basically, not doing any productive work (which I consider to be 2profiles and and spending a whole heck of a lot of time goofing around.

Not 100% true of course. My bicycle has received some much needed care and is riding fairly smoothly. I did manage to get yet another flat. One more and I'll replace the tire, which apparently is a cheap piece of rubber not too far removed from garbage. I straightened up the head piece, finding the quill to be quite the rusty hunk of metal. Bottom bracket axle needs changing. Replaced the brakes with a set that are hardly any better. Cleaned and re-greased the rear axle.

Ok, but seriously now, why is there so much road construction and what exactly are they doing? It really does seem that they're just making the streets worse for cyclists.

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