Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First US east coast trip

Cape Cod
Got back from my Vermont, Boston, Cape Cod trip Sunday night; some 3000 km of driving! Lots of walking too, so I'm somewhat still recovering. In actual fact, I stayed at home today with a fever and stuffy nose. Nicest day in March and I slept much of it away. We did have some pretty good days weather-wise in Boston and Cape Cod, but it was snowy and/or rainy while in Vermont, my first trip to any of these places.
Ok, so the itinerary went something like:
  1. Drive from Toronto to Burlington, VT. Enjoy the Vermont countryside, stop in a couple tiny towns. Check into the wrong Holiday Inn, drive to right one.
  2. Burlington reminds me a lot of Guelph; laid back, quiet university town with lots of pro-environment sentiments, hippies. Ripped off by the parking meters. Lunched at a Skinny Pancake. Small drive down the highway through the mountains. Dinner at an Olive Garden where a friendly couple struck up a conversation.
  3. Visit Montpelier before heading down the scenic 100, past national parks of mountains and trees and snow. Get caught in a nasty rainstorm, trickle our way to Boston. Can't find the hotel, stop at a McDonald's but they're of no help, nearly an hour of driving around where we want to be but unable to get there. Yes, a GPS would have been helpful.
  4. Still lousy weather so we visit an outlet mall, so many temptations for my ever-thinning wallet. I caved in and bought myself some Penguin clothing, but I could've easily spent many times more, so dangerous were the specials.
  5. Boston
  6. Boston Common! Sun! Freedom Trail! Faneuil Hall!
  7. Went to the Boston Public Library but it was closed for Evacuation Day, so instead we saw Chinatown and Little Italy (North Boston). Avoiding the St. Patrick's Day revelers.
  8. Boston Public Library, the wharfs/docks.
  9. Quick trip to Target then drive down to Cape Cod's beaches and winding roads. Check into a B&B, dinner and a walk.
  10. Hearty breakfast, then walking along P-town's main street, taking in the locals and shops. Drive from Provincetown to Burlington.
  11. Wake up to snow! Take some shots of icy lakes before crossing the border and the long drive from Cornwall to Toronto.
Next time: Bring GPS, to save on time and anguish. Use transit to save on money. Definitely could've spent more time in Cape Cod but we didn't know how the weather would be. The hotel we got in Boston was nice enough, but I'd definitely consider going with a cheaper one or at least one that was closer to late night eats!

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