Friday, March 12, 2010

The Hales Group does something

A couple weeks ago a couple friends and I worked on a submission to an "Internet viral video" contest put on by Doritos (the corned chip people). After throwing around a bunch of ideas, we agreed upon the one that took as little effort as possible and still be technically better than the other submissions. We came up with LOLCAT CRUNCH, which, viewing it again now, is not really all that great or entertaining (though you'd be doing me a big favor by rating us, indeed, possibly financially). It's strange -- the night we edited it, the thing that came out of that session was so amazing and awesome and we were sure we'd do well. However, when we submitted it we were given a message stating it would take 48 hours before the video went online. Two days, three days, then the weekend passed and still our video didn't show up. We created a new account and submitted again and long story short, it took over a week before the video was accepted and went online. And it's not even that great!
On the other hand, at least we did something and tried and, for a short while, it gave us hope of a better life.
Now I'm back on earth, feet firmly planted. One could even say I have a foot already in the grave, looking at all these new and unsightly bills. Why the hell should I have to pay a deposit on my electricity bill? I'm certainly nowhere near using up $400 dollars in hydro a month! Nutty, it's really nutty.

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