Tuesday, January 28, 2014

happy birthday to me

That is to say, it was my birthday a couple weeks ago, and now I enter the muck, the deep muck, of middle age. Forty is my number, friends, and I shake my head whenever I am reminded of it. Which is daily, hourly, far too frequently. Who'd have thought 40 year old Hwan would be this? Not me, least of all me.

It was nice to see people give their regards, a gesture not lost on me. Especially those kind few who made the effort to go out of their way to pick something out. I like to think I'm not materialistic in nature but these items I covet, a physical link between giver and receiver.

How else was my January? I helped MJ move out of my place into a new apartment, which took up a couple weekends of back-breaking work and remains a strain on our relationship. I do find myself getting increasingly tired -- I shall sigh myself into the next world, this one too much of a bore. Thinking about it now kills me all the more.

I saw The Pixies at Massey Hall! My first show of theirs, though I've been a fan since high school. Even without Kim Deal they were a joy to behold. I had a middle-balcony seat, giving a removed yet close-up experience. They mixed old and new, and the people danced to the old, nodded along to the new. The opening band, whose awful name I cannot now recall, were themselves forgettable.

MJ and I went dog-sledding this past weekend. Windrift Kennels, the same place I'd went a couple years ago, and we had a blast! The weather did seem colder, so I must make a note here to bundle more carefully next time -- my feet felt like stumps by the end of it. We went with friends, some of whom were a bit underwhelmed. I personally didn't really have any complaints, other than I wished the weather allowed for more photography.

The weather! Egads it is so dreadfully cold out. I picked up a cough at some point, one of those nagging keeps-you-up-at-night coughs, waking up with an alarming amount of phlegm in my lungs. I am disheartened to think that this is the climate we have to look forward to, that people have resigned themselves to this environmental misery.

Well, I have Hearthstone to keep me warm. I have been a playing a LOT of the game. So much so, I've decided to start recording my games, which, if you care to do so, can be viewed here: Laz Befriends. I honestly don't suggest you do so, unless you're actually interested in witnessing me stumble through learning how to play the game. The audio for the first few episodes is off as well, so you may want to skip them. Anyway, I'm going to try to make this a "thing" I do, at least until I get sick of it.

Until next time...

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