Thursday, January 02, 2014

it's twenty fourteen

One of my resolutions, one of several such odious things, is to post more. So here are some quick movie reviews of films I caught over the past couple of weeks, me having had so much time to myself (but never enough, nay, hardly close to enough):

Tokyo Godfathers (2003): One of those rare Christmas-themed stories that is actually a joy to watch while maintaining a semblance of seriousness, entertaining every minute without resorting to jerking tears. Highly recommended.

Four Lions (2010): A comedy about young terrorist-wannabes. The lamely controversial theme aside, I found this film funny in parts, smiling frequently but rarely breaking into audible laughter. I still am not sure if I should like the ending, though perhaps that's the point.

Equilibrium (2002): Priests with guns and high martial arts hunting terrorists! A dystopian society subdued by drugs! I actually quite liked this one, and wished that they'd the budget to make the film a bit more timeless. Christan Bale stars as Keanu Reeves as The One.

Man on Wire (2008): Fascinating documentary about a man's dream to walk a high wire between the Twin Towers. The film is very aware that the enterprise is much like a bank heist -- the stage must be scouted, examined from every angle, plans drawn, disguises worn, and devices built before the ultimate show. I was amused by how fame affected the proverbial walker.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011): Food documentaries often drive my appetite for their subject, and this movie succeeds well in this respect. Oh, to taste a pre-brushed, artisan-prepared serving of sushi! Though who knows, perhaps such a thing can never live up to its photoshopped image.

Manhattan (1979): I have to admit, I have an uneasiness about enjoying any Woody Allen work in which his character dallies with a much younger woman. Still, it's hard to be critical of a film so funny, so beautifully shot, so full of great dialogue, so very aware of itself. My affection of the city was handily revitalized thus.

Dredd (2012): I read some positive reviews of this film, that it was worth a glance but I found it more forgettable than anything. The gadgets and one-liners might appease fans of the comic, I suppose, but they had little to offer me. I feel like the whole "psychic power" thing unnecessary and/or underused.

Only God Forgives (2013): I cannot forgive this film for looking great while being terrible. Drive was miles better than this, this assemblage of brutal violence and uninterested goons.

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