Friday, December 05, 2008

festivities and some StarCraft ideas

Silly times, my friends. Drinking, drinking, drunk. Tonight more of the like for the office Christmas party, this year at Tappo Restaurant out in the Distillery district. Yesterday was the Charlotte room, Wednesday was Bar Wellington. Oh my sides! In the latter parts of the evening I was trying to convince my friend to drink some water, him being in the state he was, by applying various slogans to make water more appealing. "Water, It's In You To Give", "Water, Nature's Fruit-juice", "Water, The Sweat of the Earth". Actually, the bartender came up with the brilliant "Water, Turn It On" and the memorable "Water, Put It In Your Mouth". Indeed.

I floated in out and out consciousness, trying to sleep but my mind all a-buzz. I thought about the upcoming StarCraft 2 and how, if at all, they plan to improve the game. I mean, aside from the graphics. A huge gripe of mine with the original (bless it's well-balanced heart) is that controlling units is too dependent on accurate mouse handling. I thus had the idea to have a set of buttons on the side that automatically allow one to select groups of units visible on the screen. For example, if you have a bunch of Marines, Medics, and Tanks (which is quite often for Terran), in order to StimPack your Marines you have to either already have them assigned to a hotkey or to doubleclick on one, a tricky endeavor in the chaos of battle. Instead, there would be a list of buttons on the side, one for all the visible Marines, one for the Medics and one for the Siege-mode Tanks and one for the mobile ones. Remove this layer of mouse control and even up the playing field a bit.

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