Thursday, December 18, 2008

StarCraft, rating charities

"Every time I have to remove my shoes at an airport it would be nice if there were a picture of Bush nearby to throw them at." -- twoleftfeet

Been watching and playing a lot of StarCraft lately. Yes you heard right. Watching videos on GOM TV has really opened up my mind to the complexities and intricate nature of the game. Well, of course it helps that the commentary is in English and reasonably entertaining in of itself. At work too the spirit of RTS is alive and well, with many people working to improve their skills. Certainly passions also run high, and can bring out the worst in us. Oh, how the tempers do flare! What is it about creating an army and watching it die that frustrates one so? And why do we keep playing when it happens? Such a struggle!

I find the Canada Revenue Agency Charity site helpful in choosing where to send my donations. I'm thinking that I can judge them by how much of their revenue was spent on advertising. For example, the Canadian Wildlife Federation spent over $7.5 million (68% of their revenue) on advertising and promotion in 2007. The similarly named Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society spent a trim $94 thousand (3% of their revenue). Well, this is not my ONLY metric, but it does serve to give a little guidance here and there.

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