Friday, December 12, 2008

toothpaste, Tylenol, TTC

Chemicals! They surround us and penetrate us. They bind the galaxy together. And once in a while I find out that it's the ones in my toothpaste that have been responsible for that strange film I sometimes find in my mouth. At least, I'm fairly certain that sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) is responsible for that. The wiki article also talks about it being responsible for increasing the frequency of canker sores, which as you know I love to hate. I've also noticed that my shampoo and dishwash soap contain SLS/SLES. Surrounds us indeed.

The other chemical? His popular consumer form is Tylenol and the danger he poses is to the liver. More to the point, apparently alcohol and Acetaminophen work together as a double whammy. News to me, who has been prescribing tylenol and water after a night of heavy drinking. Yeah, oh my poor, poor liver. But no more! No, I've turned from this potentially harmful duo. Well, the Tylenol half anyway.

Finally on my list of things to mention, remember way back when I said it would be nice if the TTC used their GPS to let people know when the next car is coming? Well, apparently they were already thinking about it: Where's the Streetcar? Right there. And there. And there. Pretty sexy! Now, if only they would increase the actual number of vehicles out there. And lower their prices. And Febreezed the streetcars once in a while. But yeah, I'd settle for more frequent service.

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