Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year's in Kitchener, Mirror's Edge

Yes, in the last minute throes of uncertainty, I went to Kitchener to hang out with Growl and company for New Year's Eve, thanks to an unsolicited last minute offer. The night was... largely, mostly, almost entirely uneventful. Drinks (SoCos) and shots (Jager bombs) were had. Photos were taken. Names were forgotten. Coats, mittens and scarves were lost. Words were slurred. Asses were slapped. Friends were reunited.

The day following the only nearby place to eat was Tim Horton's, Waterloo otherwise a ghost town. Growl and I then played some eight hours of Mirror's Edge, that new first-person parkour platformer. I have to say, it looks downright gorgeous -- such clean, simple designs and graphics, without any of that murkiness that seems so popular today. The game can be difficult at times but when you start getting the hang of wall-jumps and wall-running, well, it's an exhilarating, rewarding experience. As a tumbling/running/clambering-over-things game, it works quite well. The combat however I didn't care much for. Awkward and unnatural, particularly in contrast to the grace of the running parts. They should've just dropped the weapon firing altogether, keeping only the hand-to-hand for the player, such as the jump-drop-kick attack or the various disarms. Mirror's Edge's story is laughable, the script juvenile, and the action can be somewhat repetitive but otherwise the experience as a whole is definitely worth trying. This is one of those games that you find yourself holding your breath or even kicking your feet as you will your character over chasms or across tiny ledges.

Oh yes, I went to work today. Very quiet, perhaps the quietest day of the year. 2009! At least we're all getting older together. That is of some comfort.

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