Friday, January 30, 2009

Waltz with Bashir

Wednesday night I saw Waltz with Bashir at the Carleton with some friends. I really liked the music and sound, which the animation made stand out -- every footstep and breath and bullet all the more audible. The beach memory music in particular I found haunting. Yeah, the first half or so of the movie I felt was excellent, when the memories are still just fragments, broken pieces that don't line up. It's when they start forming a coherent picture does the movie begin to turn into this .. well, lame, boring documentary. I had hoped that the final statement would be more profound or beautiful but alas, I did not find it so. Still, overall I quite enjoyed it.

I've also been playing a bit of Mount and Blade, this neat independent game, a sandboxed action RPG. The bit that brings me back to it is the mounted combat -- there's something very satisfying about riding circles around bandits and shooting arrows at them. I just.. I can't quite explain what it is. Fun. It's just fun.

I'm all in this Cormac McCarthy phase right now, having read 3 of his books thus far (No Country For Old Men, The Road, All The Pretty Horses) and recently obtained 2 more: The Crossing and Blood Meridian. I may quite possibly read all his books, they're that good.

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