Monday, March 30, 2009

jury duty, making dumplings

I blame my page for the lack of updates. And Twitter. And FaceBook, though to a much lesser extent. Those are good places to check up on my "What's my mood?"-type updates. I've been meaning to add a link to my tumblr here. But obviously I'm too lazy to do it, though writing about it is no problem for me.

Making (and eating) dumplings. Pork, cabbage, scallions, hot peppers
Making (and eating) dumplings.
So that jury duty thing didn't turn out to be much of anything as we were dismissed early, there apparently being no need for us that week. I did a lot of sitting around trying to do work on a WiFi connection and, as such, not getting a whole lot done. The experience is very much like waiting for your flight at the airport, after you've passed customs -- you can't go anywhere, you're stuck in a big room with a bunch of strangers, and you're all waiting for your number to be called. I didn't really meet anyone there, but it was refreshing to be reminded of who exactly makes up the populace of Toronto: the frump, the disheveled, the ordinary. Groups and lines were quickly drawn -- a bunch of comic nerds at one table, a group of old ladies at the front, a quartet of mothers over there, etc. There weren't enough tables to make it a valid social experiment but the potential for data is there.

Friday night I was at Prohibition for drinks, including a few rounds of happy hour. Chatted with an off-duty RCMP officer. Saturday morning was a dental appointment where I found out that my teeth are getting a lot more sensitive. Made some Korean dumplings with my parents then taking a nap before going to mediaman's place. Had an awesome pasta dinner. Was late for someone's birthday party. Sunday I chilled around the city, though today has been MUCH the chillier. Seriously March, what's your problem??

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