Thursday, March 05, 2009

reading on my iPhone, anticipating the Watchmen movie

I am trying that Indigo iPhone app and, while I do enjoy the actual reading of books on my phone, the software could really use some work. My biggest beef is that it connects to the server if you haven't opened the application for a while, even though all you want to do is continue with the page that was already downloaded. Which is itself another issue -- the app seems to only download a chapter at a time. Is it so hard to load pages in the background so that I never have to face a loading screen? The interface while reading manages to annoy me by taking up valuable real estate with an unnecessary menu bar at the top and bottom (guys, it's a touch-screen device; I don't need back and forward buttons). A Kindle-killer I think not. It especially doesn't help that the search engine for titles is dastardly poor.

Oh hey, yeah, The Watchmen this weekend. Not sure how I feel about it. I mean, I entirely expect the plot to be mangled and perhaps stripped of its beauty but I do plan on seeing the movie. I am concerned that they're turning it into a full-on action film, which I'd never really thought the graphic novel to be. I enjoyed 300 though so who knows? Hopefully it'll be better than the V for Vendetta adaptation. Although, to be fair, that was no easy task to take on.

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