Thursday, March 12, 2009

trying Mass Effect, enjoying Watchmen

I got sick on the weekend, some kind of flu-like thing that kept my energy levels way down. So low did I feel, depressing, morbid thoughts swimming about my head as I tossed and turned, unable to rest peacefully. All better now, thankfully yes. Now if only March would get back on track towards warmer days and nights.

Unwilling to venture outside I finally got around to installing and playing Mass Effect, BioWare's action RPG from 2007 and it is good. It reminds me strongly of Knights of the Old Republic which isn't that surprising -- why change a winning formula? Planets to explore, lots of crazy races and creatures, fun combat and easy inventory system, plenty of character dialog and development and NPC banter. A fair bit of walking in this one too, but I don't mind it all that much. I've only played about 10 hours or so worth and so far everything I've seen has been pretty delicious. The planet surveying brings to mind Star Control 2, what with the resource searching and such.

And speaking of seeing delicious things, I saw Watchmen and I REALLY liked it. It just may be the most awesome funtastic film of the year. Certainly the possibility is there. Smart adult action film, very true to the source material. Some may say too true, true to a fault perhaps but for me it was a joy to experience the material in movie form. The more I think about the film the more I smile. I liked it a lot and would see it again, easily.

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