Monday, February 09, 2009

an entry of little note(s)

Oh hey, ok, someone finally explained the "base metaphor" for dating in convenient image form: Base System. I remember mentioning my confusion about the system (but am unable to find the entry now), with only a homerun making any real sense. Seems I'm not the only one. Oh American sports and your zany wordplay!

Weather's warmed up somewhat eh? I took advantage of the fair air to work off a hangover Saturday afternoon by taking a run through High Park. Dear it was tough, arduous work! So very out of shape and now so very sore, mostly on my thighs. Haven't gotten the bicycle out, maybe will do later this week.

Oh hey I watch The Transporter for the first time yesterday. Was it yesterday? Yes. And while I enjoyed I also laughed at how incredibly silly it was. It just plain does not make any sense, none at all.

Picked up some new music, Sigur Ros and MGMT. Well, new to me anyways.

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