Friday, February 13, 2009


Last night I went to TwestivalTO held at Circa, a club where the old SegaCity used to be. I found out about the event mostly through boredom i.e. I was restless and used Facebook to find out what was going on in Toronto. I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I envisioned a bunch of young male nerds with smartphones drinking domestic beers, crowding around the few women and/or texting/twittering constantly.  My assumption proved quite lacking regarding the male/female ratio but the incessant smartphone use was spot on. I also didn't expect to meet the Raptor ladies or to get on CityTV (their news site, anyway -- I'm not sure if the snippet was actually broadcast). Er, don't get too excited about that video link, as I don't actually say anything. Yes, immortalized holding my iPhone and a Jamesons.

All in all a memorable night, considering my reservations about attending a Facebook event. I do still have concerns over how much good for the charity (if indeed "charity : water" is a charity) these events actually do, especially considering the meagre amounts raised. Still, I suppose a little awareness and money for a probable good cause is a probable good thing.

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