Friday, February 20, 2009

webjos of the world, unite

Howdy. Winter still here, but a crack is there, letting light through.

After that Twestival shindig, I kind of got pulled into that meta-status world of Twitter,, and Tumblr. Contrasting Twitter and Facebook is an interesting exercise. I mean, Twitter is more about listening in on other people's thoughts while Facebook is this claustrophobic high school with kids showing off their latest works to each other, gossipy, glossy. To the internet, everyone! Let's all soak up that brilliant glow, those heavenly emissions. See what I see and despair! Or just take note of this mundane detail I've decided to fill the dead air with, it's just me wanting to get some attention from anyone Facebook decides should hear. Toronto! Snap out of it! Facebook isn't free -- you're spending your life reading notifications, one page refresh at a time.

I didn't mean for this to turn into a rant but I guess it kind of did. Me, a dinosaur of the blog/webjo age, already on my way out, dysfunctional, of little consequence. Justin said to publish yourself, and now we swim in a murky fog of people spewing out everything about themselves, so many signals shouting over one another so that they are all noise. It's spam in a non-commercial personal form. It's everyone pretending to pay attention to everyone else. It's writing tiny speeches that live for about 3 seconds. Why send an e-mail when you can write a bland, commitment-free message to no-one?

Well, here come the trivials. Uhm.... actually, can't think of any that I really want to write about. Routine is much the same. I joined a bicycle maintenance course for April/May with a friend. Ah crap, my school's symposium is during that time. Waiting for my passport renewal to get processed. Applied to volunteer at a kid's camp. Am catching up on Flight of the Conchords, 30 Rock, and The Office. Saw that Chocolate film by the Ong Bak dude and it was slightly too silly to be enjoyable.

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