Tuesday, September 11, 2001


  • World Trade Centers collapse after planes hit, 10,000 emergency workers head to scene
  • Plane hits Pentagon, part of the Pentagon collapses
  • American, United both confirm losing two planes each
  • Bush calls trade center crashes terrorist act
  • Government source: President Bush not returning to Washington, statement soon
  • Federal buildings, United Nations evacuated
  • FAA grounds all U.S. flights, sends trans-Atlantic flights to Canada
  • Israel evacuates embassies
  • Non-essential NATO employees asked to leave Brussels HQ
  • Taliban issues statement to tell U.S. 'Afghanistan feels your pain'

I'm speechless. Goosebumps. Numb. Wild stuff, wild times. And this is probably just the beginning. Some have compared it to Pearl Harbour (though I feel there are some key differences) and call it an open act of war. Surely, it is one of the largest terrorist endeavors around.


I absolutely hate how the world is shaping up, just a frog boiling slowly in greed, misinformation, and lack of critical thought. I don'...