Wednesday, October 21, 2015

time is not on my side

Blargh my place is falling apart! This time, the heating has gone iffy, hardly going since Friday night. I had a technician come by today and he said that the water cooling tower appears to still be on (which perhaps it shouldn't be, considering the weather?), which makes it difficult for our unit heat-pumps to properly warm up. He also said that when everyone is using the cooler-than-necessary water to heat their places, there's a danger of the water freezing, which would make everything take even longer to get warm again.

So I wait. I have since purchased an oil heater, but it only makes a small local difference in my spacious abode. Thankfully the weather is slightly warmer (high of 16 tomorrow!), so it's not a huge issue right now.

What is a big deal is that my phone line sounds line it's been damaged again, resulting in creepy-crawly internet. Le sigh.

Speaking of falling apart, I started doing some physiotherapy for my knee after re-injuring it during karate a month ago (which was originally injured back in June). Last week I saw a sports doctor who suspects that I have torn/partially torn my ACL, meaning whenever I pivot on that leg I risk injury. If that is indeed the case (to be confirmed by MRI), getting back into karate requires surgery and some six months of recovery. Yarbles!

At least that doesn't keep me from continuing with archery, which I've been doing weekly for a couple months now. I'm starting to level off on my improvement and sometimes I wonder if it's really all that enjoyable. But it's nice to have something physical to do, that forces one to concentrate on one's body.

I went to Leamington to visit the sublime Point Pelee provincial park for the first time, and also got a day or so in with Windsor. The park is truly beautiful, and I recommend it wholly -- one day doesn't seem nearly enough to fully breathe it in. Make sure to bring binoculars to catch some of the more interesting birds! I also have to recommend the nearby hotel, which is a joy in the off-season.

Windsor was.. eh. We (Loopy and I) were there on a Tuesday night, meaning much of the nightlife was dead. Still, I got a nice walking tour of the city (some of which has noticeably gentrified) and had drinks with friends, so it wasn't all bad.

On the return trip we dropped by our old alma mater, the University of Waterloo. Man, what a trip down memory lane that was! How the campus has changed and yet remains the same. It does seem like all of Waterloo is under construction though. And yet still no bike lanes on campus!

Vacation not yet taken, no. Only a couple months left in the year and I struggle to decide. On top of that, there's so much work to do and I don't want to fall behind. Working vacation?? No.


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