Tuesday, May 19, 2015

serfdom usa

The rumours were true -- my company was purchased and I now work for a much larger software/tech company. More responsibilities, not much more pay. Closer office, but without many of the comforts I've grown accustomed to: rooftop patio, private bathrooms and kitchen, varied lunch options that didn't come out of an assembly line. That last one I still feel deeply, as our new watering hole, The Duke of Devon, has all the charm of a fake Rolex, and at about the same price. My day includes brushing elbows with financial types, and a lot of elevator etiquette. At least I finagled a window cubicle.

Do I like the job, you ask? It's still too early to say. Certainly I've become disillusioned with my previous job's work of late, needing a shake-up. Whether this move is it is yet to be seen, but I do have some amount of hope. We only moved offices last week, so I'm still getting a lay of the land, so to speak, still in "new employee"-mode. Time will tell.

Speaking of time, I seem to have promised much of it these on-line courses I've been taking -- this week no less than three overlap: Propaganda and Ideology In Everyday Life, Lips and Teeth: Korea and China in Modern Times, Religion and Conflict. Not to imply that I regret taking any of these (for they have taught me quite a bit); I am simply having to manage my time in a way I haven't done since university. I suppose there's merit to being busy in a productive way.

Oh, and there's karate too, constantly so. I did hurt my foot, my toe to be specific, the other day on an uneven floor, which put me out of commission for about a week or so. It started to get so bad that I contemplated seeing a doctor, but a night of drinking seemed to do the trick. I now walk with the barest of limps, the barest of winces.

Other news I do not have for you. My job change is enough, for now.


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