Wednesday, March 06, 2013

No Apologies

Oh hello. No, I didn't forget about you. At least, there were periods when I had you in mind; it's just that, whenever I found myself sitting at the computer, I was distracted by other things...

Work: It is what it is. Coming on eight years, and I float along, letting the waves pull me in and push me out. The company has recently released a product for the Windows 8 platform, that poor, deformed monster. We'll see how it works out, as it's but a couple weeks old.

M.J.: Things are going well, really well. Went swing dancing a couple times. More than that, we'll see.

Board Games: I went to Board Game Jam this past weekend, that was fun. Jenning and I came up with a relatively simple yet engaging tile-placing game. Laughably simple, it's a wonder it hasn't been invented yet. We're hoping to do something with it in the coming months. Oh, we playtested Automa Arena a bit too, but it's clear that there are lots of balancing issues already -- we were able to generate a scenario where two players were stuck at an impasse, unable to seriously damage the other! A definite measure against shields is called for. Most of the excitement of having built a version of the thing has died down.

Video Games: I very recently got my pass for DOTA2, so that's been occupying the rare video game time I have at home for the past couple days. Of course, I am decidedly average at it but am working my way up against the bots -- I'm able to beat Hard about 50% of the time. I suspect that I need to switch my tactics mid-game more often, to better adapt against the enemy heroes.

Before that, I tried my hand again at Torchlight. And before that, I gave Chivalry Medieval Warfare a go -- lots of visceral fun, though I am incredibly bad at it. I tend to lose my head, to put it plainly. I also finished the XCOM Enemy Unknown reboot, which I enjoyed enough to consider replaying it. It has much of the same spirit of the amazing original, but the enemy A.I. was disappointing.

Still playing Hero Academy, that grueling daily chess session. It is quite simply one of the best mobile games I've ever played.

Health: I've joined a gym, and have been a few times. It's nice to work out during office hours -- a few push-ups, a few punches, a few sit-ups. For a month or so I gave the No Excuse Workout a go, but I just... well, I don't have a good excuse.

Movies: Lots of films.. Life of Pi (good), Zero Dark Thirty (good, not great), Django Unchained (good, but I hated the ending), Frida (ok, fascinated story), Looper (very good), Movie 43 (hilarious, if you keep your standards low).

O.K., hope that's enough for now. I'll write again soon, I promise -- you are much on my mind, I assure you.


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