Monday, July 20, 2009

Back from Session One, Week B

Camp went well, I think. I am hesitant to say that I had an awesome time because I'm still digesting the experience, as it were, having returned Friday evening. Also, the kids' enthusiasm dwindled as the days passed, homesickness becoming an ever constant knell. Not sure how typical that is, or whether I played a positive or negative role there. I am glad to have done it, sure, and I feel much more ready for next time. I mean, I learned so much about the experience that I could do it again, sure. Only, not so soon -- it was draining, requiring one to be "on" from 7 AM to 10 PM every day. I will in any case definitely bring better sleeping supplies next time (ie. a pillow and a blanket).

Hopefully I'll see a property or two tomorrow. The real estate market in Toronto, so it seems to me, right now is very competitive -- not a lot of properties and the good ones get snatched up within a few days. Not an ideal situation for someone like myself, who is slow to move and steps cautiously. In any case, I do not see myself buying a place anytime soon. But who knows?

Sunday, July 05, 2009

house hunting begins, readying for camp

I got myself a realtor, yup. Looking at some properties, lofts and townhouses (Copy and paste the links and add a zero, "0", to make it work. They expire at the end of this week). I guess there's a medley of good and bad stuff out there, hope to get a closer glimpse of some this week before going to camp. I got pre-approved for a, in my opinion, redonkulous amount of money, which does broaden my options somewhat. Not that I'll use the full pre-approval amount, it being stretched to the absolute limit of what I can afford. Although already I find myself thinking about money, something I've wanted to avoid doing ever since finishing university, a time where I was constantly worried about having enough. It's just a big pain! And just the THOUGHT of having a mortgage has such an effect on me, yeesh. Tipping less, buying less, scrutinizing bills. Make it stop!

I was at camp this weekend, getting ready for my time there next week. I hear all these stories of how amazing the experience is but I'm so worried about keeping my end up and being prepared as a counsellor. The facility they have is excellent, it's like a resort for children. I have to admit, it does feel rather good to be a part of it, almost as if I wasn't really, like it still hasn't sunk in. I'm trying not to get excited but do hope the weather stays good. Oh right, and I need to find/make an alien costume. Hmmmmm....


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