Monday, October 21, 2013

lazy Sunday

Today I put a couple hours into Ziggurat, the board game my friend and I came up with earlier this year. But mostly I played GTA V and slept, not getting much in the name of chores done. Indeed this entire weekend has revolved around playing video games and procrastinating. I did get to hang out with a couple friends, so that's something.

Went to Malabar Saturday, a madhouse of people hunting for costumes. Not for me though, nay, I think I've had quite enough of putting effort into Hallowe'en. I suppose that's a decision made for me by the company I keep, which in turn is shaped by my age.

So yeah, GTA V. I bought a used PS3 off of Dave, and played (and finished) The Last Of Us, a survival-horror game. I quite enjoyed it, impressed by the story, graphics, voice acting, atmosphere, maps: One of the best games I've had the pleasure of playing, and certainly it set my console gaming bar quite high. Without a doubt GTA V is up there, with a dauntingly large world to muck about in; mindbogglingly detailed, with a wide assortment of vehicles, characters and activities to give a fairly immersive experience. I just recently unlocked the third character, a psychopathic individual with whom playing I find slightly upsetting, even for a game mostly about killing and stealing and getting away with it.

Fall has finally cast her gaze upon us, with rain in the forecast for the coming week. Myself I find I nurse a sneeze and runny nose, irritating me regularly throughout the day. Lack of sleep? Allergies? Being alive is wonderful and all but these little things do take away from the experience!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Friendsgiving, Columbus was a jerk

Like most holiday weekends, this one crept up on me, unaware was I of its approach. So it was with few plans did I spend the days, though they filled themselves easily enough. MJ and an out-of-town friend stayed at my place. I met up with them Friday night for a meal at Sukho Thai, that esteemed house of noodles and curry. I let our guest pick the dishes, and though they were not my favourites I enjoyed them greatly. Picking away at the last of the plates, MJ and I got into a heated discussion on "bio-medicine" (a term I found problematic), and its ability, or lack thereof, to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving market.

After grabbing some stuff from MJ's temporary apartment out in Mimico, we met up with some of her friends for a couple drinks before heading to Unlovable, where my sister was spinning some tunes. We talked of travel, global warming, the Congress shutdown, recreational drug use.

Saturday morning found us shaking sleep from our heads as we cycled to the Brick Works farmers' market. We managed to pick up a couple items and sampling some brunch fare before rushing back to the Distillery District. We caught a sleight-of-hand street artist act; I'd seen him before, by the harbourfront, but his performance, especially the finale, remained delightful to observe. We also tried to get some clothes-shopping in, but it proved fruitless.

Dinner was at CafĂ© Polonez, an excellent Polish restaurant that I can recommend without reservation. I managed to find it within myself to get cabbage rolls, instead of a schnitzel or some other large meat dish, and they served well to sate my appetite. Dessert was a cup of frozen yogourt from Gurts, another fine establishment -- Roncesvalles seems to have matured in a very good way since I left, it seems.

We gathered the energy to catch a late showing of Gravity, and each of us was awed by its depiction of a disaster in space, of the fragility of life high above earth, of the helplessness, the fumbling, tumbling helplessness of someone in zero g. Highly wholly recommended.

Sunday saw us getting ready for a Thanksgiving dinner with some of MJ's friends. I also got some reading done: am about halfway through The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt. It's a good book, though I keep getting the feeling that I've read much of it before in various forms. I do hope to get some true wisdom out of it. The dinner went well enough. Certainly the food was tasty, and there was lots to be had -- many gorged to gluttonous levels, myself included. Indeed, this weekend has been a mighty caloric victory, amid other wins.

And today, well today was far easier, far quieter. Our friend left town, and MJ and I made a simple enough dinner -- steamed corn, a carrots and parsnips dish, and some chips and salsa. I checked in on my parents' house, who are currently enjoying a tour of China. It's a small chore, made easier by listening to a podcast on the drive.

So that was my weekend. See you again soon, dear reader!


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