Thursday, January 03, 2013

An unexpected viewing

While apparently it's not everyone cup of tea, I have to say that The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey absolutely blew me away. There was not one moment during those 169 minutes that I was not delighted, awed, or dazzled. Indeed, the richness of detail flowed in waves over me, each frame etched ever so sharply. It was an experience I do not recall having had elsewhere; shades of it, perhaps, when I saw my first IMAX film, or my first HD viewing. But this was a muchness of a muchness. To pass this up is folly, to deny is to be left behind in the murk of 24fps. The future is here, now, for the seeing!

Oh, and the film itself was great! Dwarves and orcs and giants and trolls and racing rabbits and all manner of creatures from Middle Earth, great and mostly not so great. Plenty of action to take in, and at 48 frames per second, you can take it in to its fullest; gone are the days of blurry fights. See the exact thrust of the sword, the precise swing of an axe, the glory of a brandished blade! I have to admit that as a child I didn't care for the Dwarves -- they seemed a bumbly, gruff lot with a foolish stubbornness. But here I see them alive, in the surest flesh, and I know that they are a kinder, more deserving folk than I judged them for, years ago.

I had meant to write up a review of some of the video games I've been playing over the past month (happy belated holidays, eh?), but man I just got back from the movie and I'm still reeking from the joy. I am well, recovering from the flu. There was a short time where was in limbo, severed and squatted upon. But that should all be cleared up now. 2013! I have some yet to say on 2012, I guarantee you that.


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