Thursday, May 09, 2013

i have no idea

Why do I deny myself sleep? It's a funny thing, that I should act so. When that time in the night approaches, my procrastination increases. A routine, what I need is a routine! Not tonight, perhaps, but some time soon I'll find one. Seems like I am always sleeping too little or too much; never am I feeling rested and ready in the morning. True, my addiction to caffeine plays some part but there are good and bad days, regardless of my access to coffee.

Movies! I've seen a few:
I got around to seeing Drive and immediately loved it. Quiet hero gets involved with a young mother, is forced into a difficult situation, chooses to do what it takes to save her. Composure and blood is lost. Great soundtrack.

Oblivion, while visually beautiful, was full of dumb ideas. The premise and reveal didn't make sense, horrific and profound as they may have been. It was just too too much. The film would be much improved if they cut out the voice-over, though even then there's the problem of the core plot. And the ending was awful, just awfully done. Am I being too harsh? No.

Iron Man 3 was delightful, though marred by silliness. True, it's a comic book story but even so some level of  internal logic is expected. The physics of the baddies was nonsensical. The ending battle was one forehead slap after another. I liked that they play a little into the morality of terrorism and arms manufacturing, but it is mostly washed away by the middle of the film. Still, the action sequences were excellent, and I enjoyed myself, I'll give them that.

And speaking of movies, and though this news is late now, Roger Ebert died! I shall miss his wit, writing, and ratings so. Indeed, he was the film critic whose opinion I could always trust, knowing where he was coming from, so familiar am I with his views, long have I heeded his words. Lost now, only RottenTomatoes can provide a useful guide, and even then so fickle and unreliable. Ebert, goodnight sweet prince, you shall be missed.


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