Friday, November 11, 2016

Still here

I wrote that I didn't have any problems since the surgery but since that post I've had to go to the hospital twice: First for a blockage somewhere in my gastrointestinal system on September 11th, and then on October 21st for a couple gastric ulcers. The blockage was fairly painful, and the solution was uncomfortable as well -- an NG (nasogastric) tube forced down my nostril to suck air and liquid out of my stomach. At least they sent me home with some more painkillers.

The ulcers bled so much that I got really dizzy and lightheaded with a real danger of falling and passing out (going down a flight of stairs was iffy business), but it was not particularly painful. For this I finally got admitted into Mount Sinai Hospital, the services of which I find increasingly amenable on each visit. I had a couple liters of blood pumped into me, and have been on iron supplements and acid reducers (pantoprazole) since.

So physically, I am slightly weak but mostly recovered. I should be good for going back to work, which I officially do this coming Monday. Arrr, what a day that will be. I have, in all honesty, visited the office a couple times since, to say hello and set up my desk at our temporary office (while our old one is renovated), and it did cheer me up to see my coworkers again, most I've known for some 10 years. But to actually get back into doing work, to produce something through effort... well, that's a name I've not heard in a long time. A long time.

I got a new computer, onto which I've installed a bunch of games. A new one because my old one, on top of being a bit old, had Windows 7 32-bit on it and upgrading it was an incredible hassle, a task I was not able to successfully finish after several attempts. It didn't help that I'd messed with the hard drives a few times, confusing the OS. Anyway, the new machine is a dream though mostly I've only played Hearthstone and Overwatch on it. Some of the other games:

  • BioShock Infinite: The graphics are delicious but the level design and story are literally on rails, which is a turn off. Sure, I'll get around to finishing it, and I'm guessing I'm in for some juicy plot twist, if I can just get past the repetitive fights.
  • Dark Souls 3: Holy cow this game is difficult! I just haven't had the time and energy to invest into this to get somewhere. The controls are also super annoying and not intuitive at all; I may have to acquire a controller to play this one.
  • Dex: Fun RPG platformer with a good enough story. I do find the jumping puzzles (which are hugely punishing) frustrating.
  • Oxenfree: Love this one, and am playing it slowly so that I can really savour it. Good for late night exploring.
  • Submerged: I really, really wanted to like this game but it's so repetitive and lacks variety. Can only stomach so much at a time.
  • RAGE: I've had this in my Steam library for years and have finally gotten around to trying it. I was having quite a bit of fun until I was forced to do some vehicle races -- what business do these have in an action shooter?? Ugh.


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