Wednesday, June 24, 2015

comedy night, last patio party, no internet

Summer and still no decisions on my vacation. I have given thought to taking every Monday or Friday off for a month to at least use up the days. Even then, how would I spend the time? Is this what a mid-life crisis looks like? A loss of direction, a mule pulled toward every promise of hay? O.K., I'll allot some time to think about this.

I saw Amy Schumer and friends at Massey Hall, part of their "Trainwreck" tour. A fun, funny night: Vanessa Bayer likeable and passable; Mike Birbiglia polished, his material barely worn; I didn't care for Colin Quinn's jabs at the environment, cheek or no; Dave Atell remains that dirty uncle, no subject safe; Judd Apatow pleasantly surprising. And Schumer satisfied, quick and smart and completely comfortable.

I will however note three annoyances: 1. The tickets were $100, which I thought a bit high; 2. The seats were in MH's balcony section, which are too thin, too shallow, too hard AND too far; 3. The show gave proceeds to a transcendental meditation charity! I didn't find out about this until after I had impulsively purchased the tickets (sold to me by a coworker). I suppose I got a night of comedy out of it but these dampened the enjoyment.

My work had its final patio party a couple Saturdays ago, our office having moved. And apparently the old building has been sold to a developer, so that wonderful rooftop patio will likely be torn down for a condominium development. And the party itself, though I had a good time, lacked the magic I've felt from parties in the past. Certainly missing some key friends and acquaintances did not help things. I drank and ate much, for there was plenty to go around; the taking of both kept me from falling into a stupor, though I wonder that I don't need one.

This past weekend I visited friends in Burlington. I sometimes forget, living in Toronto, how white Canada is, and how alike the United States we are. At least in taste, in cloth, in design. It was very nice to visit dear friends, to take in beautiful weather and eat well.

My internet at home is down! I've been negotiating with TekSavvy to (have Bell) send a technician because I am reasonably certain that the issue is with the line itself, it being so full of static. It's been over a week that I've had to tether off my phone, and now that I am so close to my monthly limit I've had to find off-line things to keep me going. First world problems, yeah yeah yeah.

Lastly, my dad, at the ripe age of 76, has prostate cancer. It's a low grade version, so he is expected to do well. Still, I suspect that it's affecting me on some emotional level that hasn't fully manifested itself yet.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

a new routine, no vacation

Hwan shooting a bow and arrow.
I see only the mistakes
Yeah, I guess I really like archery. From what I've tried it's rather a lot like golf in that one's form, at least in the beginning, is a lot more important than hitting the target. Consistency over accuracy. I got my first real taste a couple weekends ago, when I drove out to Kitchener to celebrate Andrea's birthday with her and her crew. If I find the time I can see myself taking this up, I really do.

My time since my last entry is mostly taken up with karate and FutureLearn. Gosh I just really do enjoy those on-line classes. I suppose I've been up to other stuff too -- installed and put a few hours into Heroes of the Storm, the new Blizzard online RTS arena game. Yeah, I guess some things never change.

I suppose you're wondering how work is, and the answer is that it's complicated. I still feel at times lost, my routine for the past ten years thrown out of whack, swimming upstream against a current of training, administration, compliance, security procedures.. it's all a bit much, really.

And I still need to think about what I want to do with my vacation time! I have four weeks for 2015, and enough coin to do pretty much whatever. Travel would be nice, sure, but.. is a vacation what I really want? I mean, should I not throw myself into some venture that can lead toward the betterment of my fellow man? And I don't mean some symptom-scratching charity work, although sure, that is something. Or is to aim so high folly? My life is shortening itself all the more, and I stand here, still and unsure -- I would like to leave the place better than when I arrived.


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