Thursday, April 08, 2010

Bracebridge weekend, playing The Spirit Engine 2

How was your Easter weekend? I spent mine in the Muskoka area, enjoying a strangely quiet long weekend with good weather; nary a mosquito to be seen. Some rain but mostly mild, sometimes even hot, weather.
Falls near Bracebridge
The relative emptiness was due to the earliness of the season, as I'm told that people wait until May before making the drive up. As such the roads and towns were open to stress-free exploration; my favourite kind of roadtrip!

Along with those trip photos, I also posted the housewarming pictures, which, if you haven't been to my place yet, should give you a better idea of what my place looks like. The party itself went well enough -- lots of people showed up, but less than I'd accounted for. Certainly my fears of running out of food were unrealized. And I was disappointed that only two of my coworkers made an appearance. Anyway, thanks to y'all who showed up!

Oddly enough I thought that I'd have a lot to write about but, sitting here, faced with the actual task of typing it out, I find little enters my mind. Money? I've gotten used to its constant whine, like a background radiation I've accounted for in my calculations (although unlike the background radiation, its effect is noticeable). I did go through another blasted cold, for which I missed three days of work and thence emerged relatively well and fit, at least by my standards.

Oh! I played and finished The Spirit Engine 2, an excellent side-scrolling RPG, programmed and designed entirely by one guy! The music and sound effects were done by another fellow, and they are also quite good. I am actually in the middle of replaying the game now with a different cast of characters -- the main storyline is the same but the conversations (and some quests) are different. In any case, the combat is fun enough to bring me back; very strategic, almost puzzle-like, with that winning combination of simple rules and complex behavior. Admittedly, it was its price (free) that first drew me towards it, but it's a nice, polished product with obviously many hours put into its quality.

Else? I tuned up my bike, as much as my limited tools and skills would let me. I noticed that my tires have some astonishing cuts in them, which means I can expect a flat or two not too long from now. Yargh.


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