Sunday, February 20, 2011

blogging mind

I've lost my blogging mind. It's funny when I think about it -- I'd started as a way to write down my thoughts, to share them easily and to avoid having to repeat myself. But it seems time has stretched before me and I've less inclination to be creative, to have a voice or an outlet, like a media blackhole from which nothing escapes. I consume and nothing comes out, my opinion dampened by lack of vitality, deep in an emotional limbo, unable to peer beyond the edge.

I did however have a good time with friends Friday night at The Ossington. Drinks, snacks, Total Recall, colorful attire, people-watching. That is something.

Those sentences were written over a month ago, speaking of losing the blogging mind. It's not so much the blogging aspect but rather it feels like my mind, my focus has closed to such a narrow scope, a thin pencil beam that has but the barest of notions of what lays to the side. Perhaps when I am old I will agree that I've lived a full life but I gotta say I'm not exactly thrilled with how things turned out. Well, I am more busy these days, what with work, side programming projects and Live Green. And of course being down does go hand in hand with winter, though we did have a few unseasonably mild days for a while there.

I hung out with some new friends today, playing Settlers of Catan, No Thanks, Shogun, Loco!, and High Society. Whew! I feel like maybe I missed one? I really enjoyed Shogun, with each player pre-plotting out their actions, with the emphasis on planning and then being able to react to the outcomes. I won, but primarily because I decided to be aggressive on the very last turn.

It's late, and I've maybe more to say but for now I must turn in -- I rode by bicycle in the cold today and am exhausted. Goodnight.


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