Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Hola! Or, perhaps an "aloha" would be more accurate? I am leaving for Maui in a couple hours, having decided to join Jenning's marital festivities after all. A rash decision, made in a fit of desperation, and one that certainly bites on a financial level. It's amusing that even at my age I still have problems sleeping, with the foolish fear of missing the flight. Well, I did miss one major flight, back in Denmark, but that was a simple mistake of dates on my part.

Anyway, yeah, Hawaii. I keep thinking of how this might be the last few days of my life -- fall into a volcano, or eaten by a shark, etc. It was a nice life, though I am sorry to leave so many days half-lived. More sorry to those I was a dastardly bastard to, a cowardly scoundrel. I don't know that I deserve anything like forgiveness, but I certainly feel that I am wiser now, eyes more open to my actions.

Should I happen to make it, I'll be back by the 29th. No plans for New Years. Not that I really need one, or strongly feel the need to have one. We'll see.

Oh, December.. yeah a month of work stress and little else. LiveGreen had its little party. I guess the highlight was a visit by Krista, and having a lively dinner at Rodney's Oyster House, followed by the even livelier play Ride the Cyclone. Described as the "anti-Glee", it was pretty fantastic. I'd suggest you see it if it weren't already over, which is a damn shame.

Christopher Hitchens died! The weight of his loss is greatly felt by this atheist. I saw him debate once, a small affair at UW, and him having to video his side in, but one still got the impression of what a giant of among men he was, of his intellect, of his eloquence. I am glad to have had that, at least.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

November, and nearly caught up

I had considered applying to be a writer for blogTO.com, and it was the process of drafting up an application that I decided that I'd be much happier bringing hwan.com back to life. And so here it is, fresh and clean and much of the weight gone! Fret not, I do plan on bringing those entries back, perhaps when I've the time over the Christmas break.

Let's see.. back on the 11th I went to see Unter Kontrolle (2011), an amazingly detailed documentary on Germany's declining nuclear power plants. I was thrilled to get some rare views into how the plants worked, both as a facility and a business. It was followed up by a brief panel discussion, which to my amusement featured some rather anti-nuclear rallying. I was glad to see that the director himself seemed to not pass any judgment on the technology, or those who saw it as a safe and reasonable energy source.

On the 12th I went to a large potluck turkey dinner with Andrea's and Marc's friends. I brought some crudités and dip, which seems meager but they had quite a lot of food on hand -- two turkeys, some lamb, and all the other usual fixings, and a choice of desserts. An easy evening.

November saw me finally getting around to finishing the Deadwood series, and my, I was warned about being disappointed and indeed it was a limp ending. Such a beautifully sculpted show, such entertaining characters! I shall miss it. Here's a sampling of its wit:
  • "Such acid scrutiny from former boon companions."
  • "Augment of cupidity in the iris, a healthy augury."
  • "I am imagining the pool that spawned you."
  • "...I have no gossamer filament of doubt you have skills to delight and amaze."
  • "Fuck you sir, who would prevent expedition of one's life's disarray."
The 18th was the Gourmet Food & Wine Show, which turned out to be an excuse for middle-aged suburbanites to drink and flirt and not buy much of anything other than more drinks. I did get to try a handful of tasty treats (the sliced pork duck from Brassaii stands out in my mind), but all the peacockery detracted much.

The next day was Jenning's stag party! A full day of video gaming, go-karting (definitely the highlight), eating in a cabaret-style resto-bar (!), and board gaming. The go-karting was had at good ole Formula Kartways, starting with some time trials, then some fastest group/slowest group races. The final endurance partners race was great fun, and everyone got into the whole switching-drivers-in-the-pit aspect. Like my previous times there I incurred some choice bruises on my back from the seat but they were well worth it. I had forgotten about all the gasoline fumes though, fugh!
And yes, in answer to your question, Jenning is getting married, in Hawaii of all places! I regrettably will not be there, though sorely tempted. My reason for not going is entirely (or mostly entirely) monetary -- I don't really have $3k+ to throw around. Still, traveling alone is something I've not done enough of, and I hope to amend that soon.


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