Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Sarah Silverman Dreamme

I was walking home and fiddling with my iPhone when it slipped out of my hands and bounced into a storm grate. Scrambling on the floor I tried in vain to squeeze an arm through. I continued home distraught when I ran into Sarah Silverman. I don't actually recall sleeping with her but it may have happened, I'm not sure. There was another girl in the dream, in another setting, unnamed and faceless now, a sidenote in my imagination. I do remember coming back the next day to the grate and prying it open. I lowered myself gingerly into the water and lifted my iPhone out, shaking off the excess water. I don't look at it, for fear of what I might see. I've grown rather accustomed to it. Outside of the iPod functionality I primarily use it for its WiFi though I have been more active with taking pictures and posting them to twitter.

Speaking of which, I'm finding it very difficult to come up with material for these days. It's just that there's not much to talk about, especially since I'm already diluting all Hwan-related news on either twitter or facebook. Or even tumblr. Well let's see. I got accepted to volunteer as a counsellor to Camp Ooch, which was surprising. I do worry that they accepted me only because they need more males at the camp. Being accepted also means filling out a bunch of paperwork and getting my Bronze Cross and First Aid certification. I haven't swam since.. uh, my trip to Florida? Is that right? Ughhhhhhh. Oh well, drowning isn't such an indignant way to die, is it?

Figures -- the first Jay game I watch this season has them down 10-2. Make that 11-2, Kansas City.

OH right.. I have begun the (mental) process of buying a home. Condo or house? Haven't decided. I have a little bit of money saved up and everyone seems to think I should get something. Ideally a condo close to downtown and walking distance groceries. A house would be nice but I doubt that I could find anything nice and in my price range. But yeah, I'm aiming for downtown or around that area, with where I am now (Roncesvalles) being at the far edge of my perimeter.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

it's like having a manga in your mouth

Monday I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and my sleep hasn't been quite the same since. Well, nearly the same in that I haven't gotten to work early for quite a while. I do enjoy getting there early (a rare happenstance), before anyone else, my tasks rolling and everything in the zone. Ah, to sleep on time. An alarm to go to bed! Someday I may actually do it.

Played a few ICCup games of StarCraft, did alright. My game has improved considerably, but I still need to practice my technical skills and micro. I've chosen Zerg as my race but the constant expanding and building is such a hassle, albeit a necessary one. It's seems obvious why so many players choose Protoss, with their simple, powerful units. Unfortunately I've only one friend at my level, but that's enough for us to both continue growing, building off the skills of the other.

I've also been reading the Battle Angel Alita manga. Addictive and thankfully not that long. I like that it deals with identity and what that means for the robotic kind. It's set in an incredibly violent world, one where losing one's body does not necessarily mean death. I only vaguely remember the movie, which, now that I think of it, compressed a lot into, ah... 54 minutes (Gunnm)! Perhaps I'll watch it again, purely to be amused by how much they watered down the plot. Right now I'm taking my time reading the manga, with its many lessons and insights. It doesn't tug at my heart like Lone Wolf and Cub did, but it does have its moments and, unlike Wolf, has one of those plots that eggs you to keep reading.

Oh hey I was at Velvet Underground this past Saturday. Gosh that place has hardly changed; same decor, same crowd. There was a band playing, clad in over the top Rock Band garb, their name as ridiculous as their hair. I rather wonder why I keep going back there.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

bicycle maintenance class notes

Bicycle class yesterday. Need to get a new chain and new brake cables, will want to tune-up the latter, install the former next class. Lots of characters. Story-filled old men, quiet young dudes, shady fellows. It's quite entertaining though I do find all the stories tiresome. Not the teacher though; I find him quite the sage.

Funny, I keep thinking I'll have something to say but I'm afraid I don't. No real tales to tell. OH I've been getting into the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Love the lead singer's voice, reminds me of Siouxsie Sioux. Zero, Maps, all the tracks are really right up my alley. I saw them play on last weeks Saturday Night Live and was impressed. Also I might start getting into Glass Candy as I am fairly in love with their version of Computer Love.

Yeah sorry, can't think of anything else worth mentioning right now. Mayhaps after the weekend?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

bachelor it up

I woke up and realized that I hardly drank anything today, Good Friday. At work it's easy to keep drinking -- water, coffee, juice, that's all we got and plenty of it. But at home it simply doesn't occur to me to make myself a drink. Perhaps subconsciously I just don't want to wash the cup. Whatever the reason, I hardly drank anything. Two cups of instant coffee( awful I know), that's it. So, a few glasses of watered down Tropicana and I'll return to bed.

I kept thinking it was Saturday, the day had all the trappings of one for me: no plans, no work, got up just before noon. Cleaned the apartment, did a little laundry, watched some TV, played some games. Good day.

I sure could go for some ramen right now.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

fixing my bicycle tire, again and again

So it turns out that having a hole in a bicycle tire tread causes the inner tube to explode when inflated. Two inner tubes later, I've replaced both the front and back treads and my bike feels very different. The new treads are tacky and stick amazingly to the road; almost too well as they kick up a lot of gravel, making a disheartening sound as the stones grind against the rain fenders. My attempt to clean the chain has resulted in a clunky ride -- the internals of the rear axle no longer spins freely. Not that I remember it doing so but it does dwell on my mind now.

I bought some MOO minicards and while I don't have much excuse to give them out I do find them fun to have. I'll need to remember next time however that they really do have very limited real estate for pictures as they managed to crop out the edges of the ones I'd uploaded. I also got that little keychain dispenser which is larger than I'd imagined but still quite neat.

Quiet weekend thus far. Had a Rowe Farms roast beef sandwich from Reggie's. Played several hours of go. Hoping to get some webwork done tomorrow, though I may have caught a cold as I rode today with my hair wet, the wind blustery and cool. Next Thursday is my first bicycle maintenance class and then the Love, Anna show. Nothing yet hooked for Good Friday weekend.


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