Friday, October 24, 2014

I'm going to the Dominican, what

The last time I was in the Dominican I went with my family and a couple other families; I remember the sandy beach by the hotel, the two arcade machines (one of them an intense racing game that I'm sure featured primitive graphics by today's standards), and the tiny lizards that seemed to be everywhere. But now I return for my friend's wedding, middle-aged and somewhat aimless.

Nay, I shan't let such thoughts rule my days under the tropical sun. I will eat hearty, play hard, drink fully, and sleep deeply. I will also be without internet, the fees being highway robbery, so I shall be away from Facebook, Twitter, and Google, and in so doing travel in time for a while, untouched by the world and its carrying-on.

Well, I guess I can catch you up on what I've been busying myself with. This week I've been fighting a chest cold or some such thing; lying down for a period of time results in a hacking cough, making sleep difficult. Over the weekend I was in Montreal with friends, a stag weekend with drink and merry-making. I still am clueless around women, even at my age. Drink may provide a kind of courage but it does so at the cost of making you look rather like a dolt. It was nice to see the city, if only for a glimpse; I've many memories, most fond, some not so.

I have also been pushing myself physically, in order to get in shape for my blue belt test later this year. Whether I'll be ready is another question, but having a goal, even an unshaped one, is doing me some good. Oh, the weekend before was the Thanksgiving weekend: a dental appointment, groomsmen shopping, karate, and of course the big family meal.

My bedtime approaches, and I must awake in the early hours. Live well, my friends, and I shall see you in a week.


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