Friday, June 07, 2013

eagle vs shark

Finally getting around to seeing Eagle vs. Shark.

Not sure what to do with Facebook any more; it's like my every post is judged and scrutinized, no note unwatched. So much work to present and organize my thoughts in a clear and concise light. Often I find myself nearly ready to post a link with a comment before I take it down, unready or unwilling to exhibit, censoring myself in fear of echoing what's already out there. I've tried to extend myself of late, to be more open with my thoughts, but I seem to retreating, back to my hermit ways.

Stop-motion has an endearing quality, does it not? Whimsical to think of time as staccato moments, our minds filling in the frames between.

Germaine is a good choice for a nerd, but this actress is just too attractive to be believed as his mousey admirer. Or it just me, who finds beauty in any woman on the screen? No, the others do not compare, simply do not compare.

"She's a lesbian, she went to a lesbian party."

Ha, "Fight Man" is hilarious! Wilhelm scream, a Ryu lookalike, over-the-top characters -- one of the best in-film videogames I've ever seen. That I could ever gain the affection of someone who was better than me at a game, hah.

"Here's a bit of her leg, that's all that's left."

A sweet film with a few laughs, but it doesn't make sense that she would fall for Germaine's character, who's been nothing but a sullen jerk pretty much the whole film without a whiff of a redeeming quality.

Well, that's enough for tonight.


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