Thursday, January 06, 2022

Happy birthday!

2022. Fun to say and hard to believe. The pandemic continues as Omicron crashes across the country. Sora's daycare had an outbreak over the holidays so we've extended our stay at my parent's home. Though it's not our childhood house, it contains enough relics to cast a haze of memories over me whenever I'm here.

Hwan and Sora
2021 has passed, one day melting into the next. We've so far managed to avoid catching any of the 'rona, though to be sure we've had more than our share of colds and flus as Sora builds up her resistances through the daycare. It has kept our fall months especially busy, with barely time to recreate.

We did manage a trip in August to Saskatoon to see MJ's family, bathing ourselves in the dry prairie heat. Despite the stress of pandemic travel and it being our first flight with Sora the trip went without incident.

I watched a fair bit of Netflix last year, and maybe I'll review in another post. In terms of video games, not much went on... at least, not much by my usual marks. I did start Everdale and Clash Mini on my phone, but I don't see myself keeping with these long-term. As good as these games are at distracting me from my bowel pains, I grow weary of their grindy nature.

And yes, I continue to struggle with my diet and bathroom issues.. it seems my stomach remains sensitive, after all these years. I do take some drugs to help cope, but I wonder how long this war can continue, unceasingly flipping between peace and flareups.

I'll try to make it back here soon. Watch this space!


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