Thursday, February 27, 2020

Day by day

Hola The days pass by pretty quickly, each moment slipping by. There is some routine to my week, as you can see:

08:00 Get up, feed the cats, make breakfast (usually oatmeal with toast), get dressed.
09:30 Catch the streetcar, check e-mail.
10:00 Work — meetings, more e-mail, programming, reviews.
13:00 Lunch, sometimes with friends but often listen to a podcast.
14:00 More work. Usually a bathroom break.
18:00 Head home, play Hearthstone on the streetcar. Pick up groceries.
18:30 Help prepare dinner and/or watch Sora. Eat and catch up with MJ.
20:00 Bathe Sora, prepare her for bed by rocking her to sleep.
21:00 Clean kitchen, sterilize baby stuff. Clean kitty litter.
20:00 Evening ablutions, check Twitter, watch Netflix or YouTube.

Pretty hum-drum stuff. Seeing Sora is an absolute joy, to be sure, but I’ve little time for much else as you can see. This may change in April when I take my parental leave for five months, which I cautiously look forward to.

My condition hasn’t really changed but I suppose my ability to manage it has improved. I go to the bathroom around 4-6 times a day which is still quite a bit but I don’t feel too fatigued anymore. I even manage to get some exercise in a few times a week, which is something. Still taking pain killers though I am pushing myself to taper off.


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