Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Mary Jean gave birth to our daughter at Sunnybrook hospital last Thursday morning, two weeks earlier than the estimated date. We had made arrangements to have the birth at the Toronto Birth Centre but the intensity of the contractions combined with the slow progress forced a trip to the hospital. The actual act of delivery was unexpectedly quick, a comically sudden arrival of a vernix-covered tiny alien, an event I nearly missed by taking a bathroom break at what I thought was an early stage.

We spent the next three days in the hospital as they monitored Sora's various vitals, and in particular her blood sugar and red blood cell count. MJ practiced her breastfeeding skills and I attended to her needs, both of us running on adrenaline and the jolt of being parents earlier than expected. I also got to practice my sleeping-in-chair skills, something I probably haven't done since my days in university. Being away from home, away from my comforts, was actually quite bearable -- we had a go-bag full of supplies and the hospital had a reasonable food court. Only a couple times did my condition really bother me.

Back at home, our days are starting to fall into a routine -- MJ does the feeding and co-sleeping of Sora, and I prep our meals and keep the rest of the house running. My family has been supplying us with meals and I haven't yet stepped outside the apartment. Fatherhood does make every living moment different, but I suspect being at home makes it feel less intense. Certainly, the way I see the world is colored by Sora's existence, and I grieve for the condition of it in which she'll grow up.

In other news, I might be coming down with something...!


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