Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Trip to Connecticut Forthcoming

The MRI for my knee comes up in January, so I've been (mostly) avoiding karate. In the meantime I've taken steps towards outfitting myself with archery equipment, which I guess is a thing I do now. Who knew there are so many doodads and trinkets involved?

My mind has been taken up with my coming trip to Connecticut for a few days. Why Connecticut, you ask? Well, my friend David and I put in a bid to see the new Star Wars film with several (minor) podcast celebrities. Trip of a lifetime? Maybe. What's there to do or see in Connecticut? Not much. Will this dent my wallet? YES, QUITE A BIT. It will at least make use of the vacation days that I'd been saving up, though not at all in the manner I'd imagined.

I don't think I have much else in news. I went to a couple of those ROM Friday Night Live events, which I have to say my feelings on which are very mixed. There's just something irksome about today's youth drinking and schmoozing amongst historical artifacts and relics. It's not rational of me, and I have no argument to give but nonetheless my feels are thus.

My father's follow-up test results to his prostate cancer surgery were of a very positive nature. I mean, he is old, rather old but this is something. Yeah, otherwise my parents are doing well enough with their Korean dramas and daily walks. I try not to dwell too much on their futures (or mine without them).

Have you seen Black Mirror? I'd heard it talked about in the office years ago, back when we were at King and Spadina, and it seemed to often surface on my radar but only recently did I get around to catching a few episodes. It truly lives up to the hype! If only more television was so thoughtful, so provocative, so surprising. Give it a go if you haven't already -- there are only a handful.

Lastly, I am suffering from a cold. Boo! And such mild weather we're having! I actually got to try my friend's compound bow at the Seton Park Archery Range, though his bow is a different beast from the Olympic recurves I've practiced with. Well, also I've never shot outdoors, nor with gloves or a coat on.

OK, more when I get back. Or maybe while I'm there?


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