Wednesday, February 04, 2015

healthy yet

For my 41st birthday I went to see Taken 3 with the movie-buff crew. Well, at least we had lots to drink afterwards at the Town Crier Pub to help me forget the absolute misery, the horrific realization that we should live in the universe that has Taken 3 in it. On the Saturday following I saw Song of the Sea, a far better film that served to ease my recovering head. Which I followed up with drinks at a cowboy bar, and a go at the mechanical bull. So I guess I'm more willing to try things in 2015.

I do try to listen to my body more, in that I am increasingly aware of the aches and wrinkles and blemishes that appear with disappointing frequency and intensity of late. My skin in particular seems drier (and itchier) than ever, reminding me of the husk I inhabit. I have kept up the karate, so that's something. I'm also reducing my overall drinking, the holiday season having now passed with its official ending being my mom's birthday. For that my sister and I prepared a pretty handsome meal: homemade spinach and cheese ravioli accompanied by king crab legs, followed by a decadent chocolate cake that had my mom taking numerous photos of, so impressed was she.

Perhaps even more significantly, I've taken measures to improve my sleep and daily mood: better sleep hygiene including a sleep mask, (mostly) keeping to a scheduled bedtime, avoiding my phone before bed, installing flux, and using a sunlight-emulating lamp (discussed here). I would've gotten one of those dawn-light wake-up lamps except I need the sleep mask, my place being not that dark at night. Has it all helped? Certainly I am able to wake up early and don't feel so run down. I haven't really evaluated which changes contributes most to this, but overall, yes, things are better sleep-wise. So that's something too.

Not much else to speak of. I went to another Toronto Nerd Nite. Got a pair of new glasses -- apparently my suspicions of my eyesight getting worse were unfounded. Oh, I did some caulking repair in my bathroom, which was a fun little project.

The adventure continues!


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