Monday, November 25, 2013

it's cold, i'm down, played some browser games

It's been a month and how have I been? Not miserable, but not boomingly good either. Winter has cast its shocking gaze, and I find myself little prepared for it. Drained, I find myself.

I just got back from visiting my parents, who are well enough. My father had a mild heart attack a couple months ago, and seems to be relatively good now, though he still suffers from high blood pressure. We're all getting old, very old. I feel new aches and pains all the time and find the value in stretching throughout the day.

I went to the AGO with the aim of seeing the David Bowie exhibit but the thing had sold out, such is its popularity. I took in a couple of other things, eager to avoid the crowds. A quiet gallery is a blessed thing. Some coffee, some sweets, some escape.

Saturday MJ and I picked up groceries from the St. Lawrence Market, some of which made its way into a simple meal. We started in on the third season of The Walking Dead -- such violence, such gore! They really took the gloves off for the opener. I do like the show, no doubt, and its attention to detail is admirable. It's just a bit draining to visit that bleak, desperate world.

We also watched Indie Game: The Movie, which came highly recommended to us by a friend. I recall seeing its KickStarter and not thinking much of it or the games it touted to document but it was actually a well done, thoughtful film that I quite enjoyed. I don't know that it actually inspires me to build games -- at least, not any more so than I am already enthused about doing. To take that leap into squeezing out all the creative and programming ability out of me... ah, such a thing to contemplate! Perhaps, perhaps....

Speaking of games, I spent a fair amount of time playing these "stuff-happens-while-you-wait" browser games. Half the fun is figuring out what you're supposed to do, and then how best to do it. The CandyBox ones are fun experimental-type games, but A Dark Room is the crème de la crème, a memorable gaming experience.

CandyBox -- The original “while-you-wait” game.  Hint: The max lollipops you can get from farming 100/s.

CandyBox 2 – Prettier ASCII! A map! Action-packed battles!

A Dark Room -- Definitely my favorite, worth playing even if the genre doesn't appeal.

I suggest playing a couple (all?) concurrently.


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